ABT's Sports Performance Mission Statement

ABT is committed to optimizing athletic performance in athletes of all ages and abilities.

We are dedicated to maximizing the experience of athletes both on and off the playing field.

Athletics are becoming increasingly competitive at all levels. Athlete's who run faster, move quicker and jump higher have the competitive advantage over others. Whether you are a starter on the high school football team who has aspirations of someday playing at the college or professional level or a 12 year old soccer player who wants to get faster and have fun, we guarantee we can help you achieve your goals.

ABT will optimize your athletic ability, maximize performance, and reduce the potential risk for injury. Our comprehensive training programs will build self-confidence, increase muscular strength and endurance, enhance explosive power, and improve flexibility, speed and agility.


The ABT Sports Performance Difference

You will not find a better Sports Performance staff anywhere in the country.

  1. Our strength and condition staff is highly degreed and educated in the fields of sports medicine, strength and conditioning, and exercise physiology.

  2. Our strength and conditioning staff understand sports and what it takes to be an athlete. All of our staff has played at the youth, high school, collegiate, and/or professional level.

  3. ​Our strength and conditioning staff works closely with local physical therapists to ensure proper pre-hab and post injury reconditioning is taking place once an athlete is given the okay to return to play.

  4. Most of our strength and conditioning staff still competes at the national and international level in Olympic Weightlifting, Power Lifting, and/or strongman/woman. We practice what we preach.

Training Program

Each Program constructed by the ABT coaching staff is designed exclusively for each individual athlete and incorporates every facet of athletic development:

  - Strength

  - Agility

  - Speed

  - Flexibility

  - Power (plyometrics, Olympic lifts)

  - Injury Prevention

  - Modified strongman training

Our comprehensive eveluations are given to all incoming athletes in order to assess strengths and weakness in the following areas:

  - Flexibility

  - Explosive Strength

  - Muscular Endurance

  - Cardiovascular Fitness

  - Injury Precursors (muscular imbalances)