Fitness Benefits for Adults...

Athletic Based Training bootcamps use multiple joint movements that maximize your caloric expenditure, strengthen your core, increase your workload, improve your flexibility and decrease body fat and overall exercise time; burning about 500-700 calories per class. Since ABT does not use machines, you have to stabilize your core during every exercise, maximizing your overall muscular recruitment of the abdominal and hip regions. ABT bootcamps are FUN and highly ENERGIZING, forcing your body to constantly adapt and change! This is the secret to losing body fat and achieving fast results.


Various themed boot camps will be offered throughout the year. These high energy sessions are designed to burn a large amount of calories, build muscle, and increase energy levels, resulting in the decrease of body fat and loss of weight. During the sessions, one can expect the use of combination weights, medicine balls, bands, and bodyweight exercises. Each session will also include versions of cardio and interval training, abdominal work, as well as stretching. Some boot camps are held outside during the summer season. Each session lasts 1 hour.

Strength & Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning Boot Camps involve the use of heavier weights and performing more advanced exercises normally not seen in our standard Boot Camps. These may include Olympic Lifts and their variations, Squats, Deadlifts, Tire Flips, and other Modified Strongman exercises. These classes are certainly not meant for everyone. In order to attend a Strength and Conditioning Bootcamp you must first discuss this with a trainer. Each session lasts 1 hour.

Small Group Training

Some clients prefer to workout in smaller groups and focus on specific areas of their body: abdominals, arms, legs, etc. Groups will consist of 4-6 women or men per group. The smaller groups allow for more individual attention than the traditional boot camps. Clients can join existing groups or create their own private group of friends to work out with. Private groups are at a slightly higher rate and will be based off the number of people signed up for the small group session. Each session lasts 1 hour.

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